Dariush Oranghi


Dear reader,

The best of both worlds. I cannot think of a better description for the FOREST HILL LUXURY APARTMENTS in Amstelveen. This unique location combines the world of luxury living and the world of tranquillity and spaciousness. Only a stone’s throw from the four-star shopping centre of Stadshart Amstelveen and the Gelderlandplein Shopping Centre, yet if you look carefully from your topmost apartment, you can spot the Zuidas skyline and Amsterdamse Bos landscape park. Two opposites in the ideal symbiosis.

It was a pretty simple feat to choose a name for this special project. Our tradition at home is that the family chooses names for our projects during a round table session. After sharing this worldly location with them, my middle daughter proposed the name FOREST HILL. A name interpreted in the allure of the design and the sustainable use of biodiversity and energy-saving features, under the watchful eye of supervisory architect Rob Kruse and architect Wim van der Laan.

Nature and biodiversity are the leading actors in the building. By bringing the outdoors inside, we can give nature its own place in your new home. Or, as my oldest daughter once phrased it so beautifully: ‘Even birds want a roof over their heads’. She requested that daddy incorporate that in his projects: The Nature, The Town Garden and now in this very special project: FOREST HILL.

Another aspect you will experience in this project is the philosophy of  "SHIRIN YOKU -  森林浴 ", a Japanese nature therapy. It quite literally translates as ‘forest bathing’, allowing you to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the forest and surrounding countryside. This creates the space we need to ‘let go’ and to ground ourselves fully in the here and now.

Alongside nature and personal development, children are a central focus of our corporate philosophy. They are our future after all. We have therefore created an amazing “flagship” at the base of FOREST HILL. This will be home to “CompaNanny”, one of the Netherlands’ most prestigious and sustainable childcare organisations, offering the best equipment and high-tech installations for enjoyable and sustainable daycare. And so FOREST HILL will be a building for young and old alike.

FOREST HILL is a fantastic location where I myself would happily live. And there lies the signature of MSOLUTIONS REAL ESTATE. We only deliver projects in which we ourselves would like to live. Which is why we absolutely never compromise on quality. And that you will notice as a resident.

You will experience it in the unique facilities found in the underground car parking spaces, each of them with their own charging station for electric cars (yes, it’s safe to say it’s Tesla-proof). You will experience it in the possibilities of either cooking all-electric on your BORA induction cooktop with incorporated recirculation extractor, or opting for a gas hob in your fully fitted SieMatic kitchen featuring only Siemens appliances. Whatever you choose: your apartment or penthouse is ready for sustainable use and carefree and pleasurable future living.

This website is intended to introduce you to the the apartments and the philosophy behind the design, all in your own time. I hope you enjoy the read.

Kind regards,

Dariush Oranghi

“Nature will be your favourite neighbour at FOREST HILL”

Rob Kruse

Supervisor architect

Building for people and animals; that is the mission of MSOLUTIONS REAL ESTATE. This philosophy is clearly recognisable in the FOREST HILL design. The beautiful apartment complex is not only a luxury residence for you as the homeowner, but also a fantastic spot for animals. A green home, for your ultimate enjoyment together with nature. Supervisory architect Rob Kruse explains how people and animals can successfully co-exist.

‘FOREST HILL features 22 luxury apartments and three magnificent penthouses. You can enjoy your light spacious apartment every day, thanks to the enormous windows. What better way to bring the outdoors in? Vice versa, it’s equally simple though. Slide open your patio door and relax in the sunshine on your spacious balcony.”

“If you take a good look at the east and west-facing façades of the building, you will notice small squares of masonry in the same colour as the window frames. While you might presume these to be prettily decorated ornaments in the brickwork, they actually conceal nesting boxes for birds. We have created 12 nesting boxes for sparrows in the east-facing façade, and 6 nesting boxes for swifts in the west-facing façade.”

“Both species of birds had large populations in the Netherlands in days gone by, but have struggled to find suitable nesting places in recent years. With so many people insulating their homes nowadays, buildings no longer offer nesting places. We were therefore delighted to be able to offer these age-old residents new nesting opportunities. By building closed nesting boxes, we have prevented the birds from damaging the construction.”

“However, these nesting boxes are not the only smart green application included in the building. Perhaps the most striking is the large moss sedum roof of no less than 140 square metres. It provides the perfect natural cooling during hot summer days and is a useful buffer to absorb water during heavy rainfall, taking some of the pressure off the drain system.”

“Green roofs have many more advantages. They filter CO2 out of the air and offer ideal extra cooling during hot summers. See it as one large air conditioning system as it were, keeping out the heat in the summer and keeping you cosy in the winter.”

“The crowning glory of the building is the 133 solar panels, cleverly concealed on the roof of the penthouses. You cannot see them but they certainly generate plenty of green energy. That energy is deployed for the central facilities of the building, think in terms of the lift and general lighting system. And so you and the Association of Owners mutually benefit from energy savings. A win-win situation for you and for nature.”

“We think in terms of people rather than houses”
Our real estate team is at your service

Robert Haagsma

Estate agent
Fris Woningmakelaars

Explore the surrounding area digitally, take your time to check out the online floor plans or start getting some styling inspiration on your tablet in the evenings. The FOREST HILL website provides you with all the information you might need. However, we also have a real-life team ready to tell you all about this very special project. Beumer Garantiemakelaars, Fris Woningmakelaars and Knap Makelaardij will be happy to lend a hand if you are struggling to see the wood for the trees.

“FOREST HILL is a once in a lifetime opportunity to get yourself a new-build apartment in such a location. At the same time, taking advantage of such an opportunity requires a moment of your time. And I know from experience that time is money. That is why we offer you all the information on FOREST HILL both in person and online. We have paid the utmost care to the website, to keep you up-to-date on the latest developments 24/7 and to enable you to ask questions whenever it suits you.”

“Of course we are also delighted to welcome you to our office. During the orientation and purchase processes, there are always a few moments when it is nice to be able to look each other in the eye or raise our glasses to toast your new home. Our online and face-to-face contact is therefore combined to give the perfect mix.”

“In your online personal file, feel free to share your wishes with us. And if you have any questions, you can put them to us 24/7. This is where we will also keep you updated on the latest developments at FOREST HILL and in particular the construction of your apartment or penthouse.”

“Comprehensive digitisation and personal attention go hand in hand as far as we are concerned. We only employ genuine people persons. They are only too aware that a house move is often a very emotional step. Our team makes the difference when you are ready to make that move. We have unique DNA. We think in terms of people rather than houses.”

"We are closer than ever online”

Jasper van den Brink

Nieuwbouw Nederland

A good project website is indispensable in today’s rapidly digitising world. We have gone one step further however when it comes to FOREST HILL. On registering, you immediately create a personal digital client dossier, where you will find all the information you need. Jasper van den Brink of Nieuwbouw Nederland explains how it works.

“The coronavirus of the past year has certainly worked as a catalyst for many project developers to offer a fully digital version of their sales information. And so did we at MSOLUTIONS REAL ESTATE. From your initial registration right up until making an appointment to view the apartment; all aspects of FOREST HILL are online. Safe and secure according to the AVG data protection guidelines.”

In order that our digital communication is both professional and problem-free, we have developed a digital client dossier, in which we take you through the purchasing process, step by step. It contains not only all documentation but also the latest developments regarding construction of the apartment of your interest. From floor plans to the draft purchase agreement; it is all there in your client dossier.”

“While this digital approach may feel a little distant, nothing could be further from the truth. It actually brings our real estate agents closer than ever before. And that certainly also applies to the information you need, as a buyer, to take the right decision. All the information on the apartment of your dreams is at your fingertips, for 24/7 viewing whenever it suits you. And any questions can be quickly and efficiently asked via your client dossier. And so we are closer than ever online.”

“A kitchen is a question of personal taste”

Rob van de Koppel

Projects Director
SieMatic Ringveste branch

A stylised kitchen in which all the appliances are smartly inconspicuous. Or would you prefer an urban kitchen, where pots of parsley and herbs jostle for space on the worktop? A kitchen is a question of personal taste, as Rob van de Koppel of SieMatic well knows. As a FOREST HILL resident therefore, you can choose between various styles.

“In each FOREST HILL apartment, residents will enjoy a luxury design kitchen made by SieMatic, with Siemens built-in appliances. From the dishwasher to the combi-oven and microwave; everything is beautifully incorporated.” You will also have the pleasure of cooking on a BORA induction cooktop with incorporated extractor. That really is the eye catcher in your kitchen. Or you can opt to cook using gas of course. The choice is yours.”

“As a kitchen is first and foremost a question of personal taste, SieMatic considers not only your wishes but particularly also your lifestyle. Which kitchen reflects your way of life? Should everything be tidied away or is it the lively heart of your home? We offer three very different styles, in the confidence that one of them will be your perfect match: Urban, Pure and Classic.”

“Metropolitan cities are all about their new influences, the cultural wealth and inspiring energy. Those same properties are what you’ll experience in the Urban lifestyle. Your kitchen is bursting with life, it’s where you cook with your friends, discover new dishes and grow your own fresh ingredients.”

“The main challenge of minimalism is to reduce the design to the absolute essentials, and to know precisely what can be left out. The Pure lifestyle kitchen and spatial concepts have that down to a fine art. The result is a kitchen to suit your way of life, blending effortlessly with your interior design.”

“When opting for the Classic lifestyle, you are choosing a design kitchen whose every detail has been perfectly thought through. The Classic lifestyle masters the technique of creative composition, and the outcome is fresh and unique in its style. Elegant combinations of materials and aesthetic details are the ingredients in your ultimate Classic kitchen.”

“Whatever lifestyle you choose, our team looks forward to welcoming you to our kitchen studio at Ringveste in Houten. Once 70 percent of the new residents are known, we shall be inviting you to a cooking evening to get a taste of things upfront.”

"Forest Hill enriches its surroundings”

Wim van der Laan and Sjaak van Zijl

H.W. van der Laan Architects

Forest Hill will be a beacon, visible from far afield. This impressive building first took shape on the drawing board of Wim van der Laan and Sjaak van Zijl of H.W. Van der Laan Architects. The two gentlemen are proud to be responsible for this design.

“Every new building should enrich its surroundings. That is our philosophy. We therefore began with a detailed reconnaissance of the surrounding area and buildings, before going anywhere near the drawing board. This preliminary study resulted in a plan for a stately four-layer building, in which the rectangular design style of FOREST HILL is perfectly in keeping with the existing local buildings.”

“At the same time, we were looking to give it the necessary airiness and élan. Hence our choice of a light-coloured façade brick, slimline frames and plenty of glass. It is the striking brick architecture which gives the building its stately character. We played around with wooden components at the base of the building, in order to partially close off the façade. The contrast in the looks of the various hard and soft façade materials provides variation, within which the elements are inconspicuously mutually connected.”

“The building more or less fills the entire plot, which is why we took care to create outdoor space within the building itself. Thanks to the beautiful roof gardens and spacious balconies, we have successfully provided all apartments with quality outdoor space. The result is an attractive living environment both indoors and out, which we have dressed in green. The green façades provide a pleasurable place to live for people and animals alike, while also offering natural absorption of ambient noise.”

“The same pleasurable and light atmosphere is felt indoors, in the cosy hallways and well-styled stairwells. Goodbye echoing concrete corridors, Hello to an entrance with panache. We have also given careful thought to your safety, which is guaranteed by two stairwells and two spacious lifts. All these ingredients add up to an apartment building offering comfort, luxury and cachet. We truly hope you will enjoy living here.